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Making Memories

It's been quite a while since my last post...4 months to be exact. I have so much catching up to do and I was trying to figure out how to put everything into one blog post without it being completely overwhelming. The last four months have been filled with travel, school, the holidays, and the everyday crazy that is I decided to summarize it in 2 words, "Making Memories".

We all travel for different reasons. Some travel for business, some for pleasure and relaxation. Some people travel to gain new life experiences and appreciate new cultures. While others travel to explore history, or food, or wine, of different regions of the world.

There are dozens of reasons that people travel, but after all, aren't we all just Making Memories? Memories to learn from. Memories to cherish. Memories to appreciate the wonderful life we are given.

I have so many memories from the past four months. I went to Ft Lauderdale in November for CruiseWorld 2019 where I learned amazing things from suppliers to help enhance my business. Along the way I met wonderful new people who I would now consider my friends...and yes, I took photos with them!

Then over Thanksgiving, my entire family (all 18 of us) rented a house in Gulf Shores for a week. It was my parents, my siblings and their spouses/significant others, and all the grandkids! We spent the entire time playing on the beach, sitting on the deck chatting, looking for crabs in the evening, playing cards and board games, and basically just being together. One evening I looked around the living room/kitchen area...and the kitchen table were at least 6 people playing cards, and in the living room there were 5 of us playing a board game. Everyone else was sitting around watching the games go on, or chatting...and not a single person had their phone or tablet in their hand! How long has it been since that happened in our family??? Considering there are 9 grandkids ranging in age from 11-25, it's been quite a while! But even now, two months after that trip, my family members will say how much fun they had. Everyone has different favorite memories from that trip. And that's great. Experiences and memories should be different for everyone. And those memories are something you can take with you forever. (For instance, I will NEVER forget hunting for crabs on the beach in the pitch black night, and having my brother come up from behind and scare the tar out of me!) Ahhhh - family :)

More Memories: My immediate family along with my daughter's boyfriend went on a cruise in December. My children are now old enough that they prefer experiences to store bought gifts at Christmas...which I think is amazing! All 5 of us had a wonderful time - but we all have different memories. My husband and son will say their favorite memory is seeing Mayan Ruins. My daughter and her boyfriend would say theirs was kayaking in Mexico in a clear bottomed kayak. I would say what I remember most is that it rained every day, but it was still glorious.

Then of course there is Christmas. We are very lucky. The grandkids are getting old enough now that they go to boyfriends/girlfriends houses on Christmas Day, my brother and his family live in Tennessee, but at some point, all 18 of us are together in my parents house - even if it's just for an hour or two. We open presents, each lunch/dinner, and there's always a jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table. These are the things that are important. Experiences. Family. Memories. You don't have to travel to have them. But sometimes traveling with your family makes your experiences more memorable :)

(Pawpaw and his granddaughters in Gulf Shores)

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