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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

People who really know me think of one thing when you mention vacations....Disney. It's true. I'm a Disney Dork. I love all things Disney. I've been lucky enough to go on 4 Disney Cruises, I've been to Aulani twice, and I've been to Walt Disney World in Florida too many times to count. I also love WARM AND SUNNY vacations, you know....the beach, the waves, reading a great book while enjoying fruity drinks. You get it, right? Well the men in my family were really wanting something different for our vacation and, long story short, we ended up on a Princess Cruise Line cruise to Alaska this summer! WHAT?! I know. Not sunny. Not warm. As a matter of fact, we were going to spend days...literally DAYS looking a glaciers...FROZEN WATER! What in the world had I agreed to?!?!

Well...I'll let you in on a little was AMAZING! Yes, I can't believe it. My friend, Stacey, had been trying to convince me that I would love Alaska, and I (in no uncertain terms) told her that she was crazy. But alas - I had to eat my words. Stacey was right. Alaska was absolutely BREATHTAKING! It was like nothing any of us had ever experienced before. The cold and the rain didn't even bother me because I was too busy taking in the beauty of the land, the friendliness of the people, the fantastic wildlife, and the history of that gorgeous state.

We took the southbound cruise out of Whittier, but enjoyed a 1 night pre-stay in Anchorage. I'm so glad we did. We had plenty of time to explore that charming city, and even took a sightseeing trolley ride before we left for the ship. So much fun. I had no idea the history of Alaska, but our trolley driver was full of fun facts. (Did you know that Alaska has earthquakes on a regular basis?)

The ride on the motorcoach from Anchorage to Whittier was glorious. Again, our driver was full of information on the flora, fauna, and history of the area. I was busy taking so many photos - which just didn't do Alaska justice. Then the next thing I knew we were driving through a MOUNTAIN! Yes - a huge mountain with a 1-lane road, but then the tunnel opened up to two mountain peaks leading down to water, and there sat our cruise ship. It was a stunning way to be introduced to Whittier - which is about as big as a minute, and really only contains the cruise port.

After a quick check in at the cruise terminal, we were on the ship and enjoying all that Princess and Alaska had to offer. Our internal clocks were a bit off with the 4 hour time change, plus in the summer it really doesn't start getting dark in Alaska until around 11:30pm. But lets just say the next 7 days were full of fun, relaxation, and delights. We went whale watching in Juneau, took an amazing train ride along the gold rush trail in Skagway, took a boat ride to the Misty Fjords in Ketchikan, and just enjoyed the majestic views of unspoiled nature during our sea days.

I have posted just a picture from our trip below, and in various places in my website, but the most important thing I want to share with you is to STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE, you never know what you might find!!!

Train Ride in Skagway. Spring for the upgraded ticket - you won't be disappointed!

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